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  • Gamewave Group Limited(PRC) is China's largest web game provider and is also the leader of the Chinese web game industry and the professional provider of interactive entertainment services. Since its establishment, Gamewave (abbreviation for Gamewave Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.) has always sustained its business concept of “engaging in the most professional web game development and operations, pursuing continuous innovation, providing the most efficient customer service”. Together with its core values of “belief, diligence, innovation and achievement”, Gamewave has been growing steadily since its creation.
  • The Gamewaver’s (i.e. staff in Gamewave Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.) mission is to make your life more interesting. At present, Gamewave supplies users with an involving interactive experience, top notch valuable customer service and overseas game operations aiming to provide quality interactive games for its player base. Through leading platforms such as Game2, NIUA, Game5, 5Ding and Juu, Gamewave has built China’s largest cluster of web game operations, primarily satisfying the web users’ demands of information, entertainment, and games. As of December 20th, 2010, Gamewave’s total registered users had topped 80 million, while its number of products the company has successfully released exceeded 40. In October, 2009, Gamewave officially released “Wonderland” (Xian Yu), as its first 2.5D, real-time fighting and browser-based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) enriched by an imaginative story of oriental fairy legend. With more than 800 severs, this game paved the way for the company’s successful operations with similar products. On August 19th, 2010, China’s first real 3D web game, “Celestial Discipline” (Tian Ji), was formally launched. This epoch-making game currently has 105 server and still growing. This game also has not only gained a high reputation among insiders and fellow gamers, but also pushed Gamewave to a position as 'the' Chinese web game pioneer. On December 28th, 2010, the launch of “Noble Sword” (Ao Jian) was officially announced. As a martial-arts online game that does not have clients, “Noble Sword” (Ao Jian) had already launched 517 servers by April of the following year, again domestically creating a web game upsurge. Gamewave has been deeply influencing and changing the play styles and entertainment habits of hundreds of millions of users, expanding into a quite broader market in China’s web game industry.
  • Through a long-term vision of a world leading internet enterprise as well as its adherence to independent innovation, Gamewave shows a steady progression towards its ambition of establishing a globally operational network. At present, many branches have been set up across the country, including the existing subsidiaries in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhouas well as the ones being promoted in other areas. Meanwhile, Gamewave’s overseas strategy has started on full scale. Gamewave’s Tokyo branch in Japan, Seoul branch in Korea, Kuala Lumpur branch in Malaysia and Bangkok in Thailand have officially started to operate, while others in North America, Europe, South America and some other places are still in founding process. Gamewave predicts to accomplish the overall deployment and globally operational networks in 2013 and to realize the global strategy totally.