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  • I’m a sufficiently and absolutely simple man.
    As simpleness is the strongest spiritual power, I hope you, my companions, may fight together with me shoulder to shoulder for our simple objectives. And that we may also share with suffering and happiness, frustration and growth, defeat and success. The next fifty years will be China’s rising times in the world, and will also be Gamewave’s time for globalization. I want you to know that the value of our lives consists in devotion, innovation and our constant striving for our lofty goals. I’m blessed to arrive in this great period, and even luckier to have you together to leave our imprints on its historical scroll. Let’s establish this stage together, which is created perfectly exhibit our youth, talents, dreams and passions.
    Are you ready, my young companions? 

  • Yu Hong is one of the main founders of Beijing Gamewave Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. With responsibility for strategic planning, overall positioning and management, he serves as the company’s chairman and concurrently the CEO. Yu Hong had successfully established several internet companies before founding Gamewave. Through over ten years’ experience in the mobile internet industry, he has emerged as an operational expert in China’s internet and mobile internet domains. He has many titles, such as the Chief Experience Officer. In his own words we are the new generation of internet trend-setters and even revolutionary in the media’s description.

  • Representative Works:

    “Xian Yu”, successfully operated in 2009, is the masterpiece of his earliest exploration into ARPG market; “Ao Jian”, launched in 2010, has been constantly refurbishing the product series and sales records.

    Original works, primarily of 3D technology, are encouraged and supported. “Tian Ji” is the typical example, successfully operated in multilingual versions among six major overseas areas.

    Part of the 2011 Awards:

    "Committee Member of Youth Federation" — by Shijingshan District

    "High-end Leading Talent & Entrepreneurial Star" — by Zhongguancun

    Honor from Committee of New Media Festival:

    New Media’s Top Ten Cutting-edge Characters