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Gamewave makes it easy with millions of gamers ready to play your game!

Our goal is the provide gamers and developers a quick and easy way to be aware of each other. Developers are looking for a way to reach as wide of audience as possible, which we provide; gamers are looking for top notch entertainment which fantastic customer service, which we also provide. However, we are always looking to expand our great library of games and bring even MORE gamers under the umbrella of Gamewave, so we are calling all top notch developers to look at us and all we can do for you.

From receiving professional support from our highly trained staff for you and your game, you will also get access to our worldwide coverage, from China to Brazil, the United States to Japan, we have platforms at every corner of the globe; hungry for top quality games, games YOU can provide!

In addition, we can offer you a hassle free payment system, and easy technical integration with our platform. You have our solemn promise to you that your exceptional game will get exceptional care from us to help it stand out!


At Gamewave we have a large number of success stories. Developers just like you that wanted to get their game on the open market have partnered with Gamewave and used the Developer Area to promote their game successfully. We asked some of these developers what they thought of working with Gamewave.

Steve is from ‘Gods Interactive’ where he is the Lead Designer and the most popular title is “Kill the Gods” (Translated from Chinese). Steve is one of the founding members when the Company was created in early 2010. They now have 23 team members.
Gamewave: How much easier did our Development Area make it for you and your game to enter the market?
Steve: While we were developing our game, we had a lot of pressure to finish. About a year into the game, we were stuck with a few graphical glitches we could not seem to solve. When we were approached by Gamewave, they looked the game over and helped us get back on track with some good advice and valuable solutions. After five months working with [Gamewave], we made many changes to the game to make it more interesting and attractive to a larger player base. The game ended up making about 10 million USD from just one of their portals.
Gamewave: Describe your experience working with Gamewave?
Steve: Gamewave was very professional, and they even helped us promote our game when it was complete, giving us access to a larger player base.
Gamewave: Would you recommend Gamewave’s Development Area to other developers?
Steve: Sure. I would recommend my developer friends to Gamewave.

Matt is from ‘360 games’. He is the Lead Programmer and CEO of “ShangZhou Wuduan”and the most popular title is “Xianglongshibazhang” (Translated from Chinese). Matt has been making games since 2005 and formed the company in 2007, where he now has 12 employees.
Gamewave: How much easier did our Development Area make it for you and your game to enter the market?
Matt: One of the main problems we had as a small developer, as you can guess, was money. When I first created the company, I had to fund almost everything from my own pocket much to the horror of my wife (laughs)! After contacting Gamewave, they not only helped with design advice, they also invested in my company. When the game was completed, they put the game on their many portals and helped us with marketing. Not really our strong point to be certain.
Gamewave: Describe your experience working with Gamewave?
Matt: After bringing us to their Beijing office, they sat and worked with us to help realize our vision. Not only showing us our strengths, but our weaknesses as well. Overall, helping us create a better product.
Gamewave: Would you recommend Gamewave’s Development Area to other developers?
Matt: Very much. From their valuable insight, to their helpful staff, the experience with Gamewave was top notch.

Welcome! Here is a list of all of our games.

Gamewave Developer Wiki

Welcome to the Development Area
The answers to your most important questions about
integrating your games on Gamewave


General FACTS

How much does it cost to publish my game at Gamewave?
Nothing, we just ask that you assist us with the cost of payment providers.
How many Players can I reach?
We currently reach 90 million gamers worldwide.
How do I make money using Gamewave?
The games on our platform are free to play, but the user can buy goods, services and skills in the game. By using these micro-transactions, the games will make money.
What payment system does Gamewave use?
Gamewave makes a large number of payment methods available to you including credit card, cash transfer, debit card and text message payments.
Can I embed advertisements?
No, we want to provide our customers with the best games possible, our quality assurance team will check each game to make sure they stand up to our high standards.


What types of games can I publish at Gamewave?
Right now, we only support browser games; we are in talks about adding client based games.
Which interfaces are available?
To communicate with your game, we can accommodate any of the standards you wish to choose.
How do I integrate my game at Gamewave?
It is important that you set up your game so that it can be reached through the Gamewave portal, and will be able to be logged into automatically. We will provide instruction on how to do this if help is needed and can gladly assist with a payment system as well, if you need one, but you need to integrate the payment API on your end, so a solid background in programming would be useful. In order to promote the game on our site it would be helpful if we could receive additional screenshots, banners and anything other promotional materials you think would be helpful.
Will Gamewave host my game?
We will gladly provide hosting for you. Details can be discussed in the agreement.
Can I test the performance of my game before it is published?
Of course! Actually we request you test the game as much as possible to see if the APIO implementation was set up correctly. It would be highly beneficial for your team to work hand in hand with ours and we will have a full wiki set up for this single purpose. Here you can post all of your questions regarding the implementation of your game and receive help quickly.
Do I have the ability to set up my game on different servers?
Yes, the game will be able to set up on as many different servers that you like, such as a Strict PVP server or servers for different languages.
May I use my own payment system?
No. As a general rule, we only allow the payment systems offered by Gamewave. If you have already integrated your own payment system, you must deactivate it. If we want to maintain security and quality for our customers, we need to use a unified payment system.

LEGAL questions

Who owns the copyrights my game after I publish it at Gamewave?
All the copyrights remain yours.
Am I allowed to install my game on other portals after it has been published with Gamewave?
Gamewave usually tries to set up deals for ‘exclusive rights’ but this can be discussed in the agreement.


What data am I allowed to receive from the users and what data can I ask for?
When a new user logs into your gave, Gamewave will send you a user ID and you will be allowed to ask for the usernames, further requests for user data is prohibited for privacy reasons.


Who provides support for my games?
oth the developer and the publisher will be responsible for support. While Gamewave will have the most direct contact with the users and will be there to answer the most immediate questions. This being said, the developers are the most qualified to answer the most in-depth questions since you know your game the best. We require you have an open line of communication with us so if users are having difficulties; we can contact you directly for assistance. In our experience, we have learned that quality of support will directly influence just how well your game is receives by the users. If you make your players happy, there is a better chance your game will become one of our top games.
Why is my game not available on Gamewave even though it is fully integrated?
Any game submitted needs to be approved by the Gamewave quality assurance team where all of the functions, systems and dialogue will be checked and tested by QA, once you finish integrating your game.
Once the game is online, can I edit it?
Yes you can, you do not even need to take the game offline to do so. Any changes made in the developers’ area however, will need to go through our Quality Assurance team.


How can I make sure my game leaves a good impression on gamers?
Updating the site with attractive screenshots and text, the more likely it will catch a user’s eye on the opening page. Videos should be carefully selected and updated onto our servers.
Where will my game appear on the Gamewave website?
Your game will have its own game landing page presented within one of our portals.
Is there anyway to track how well my game is doing?
The Development Area offers many ways to keep an eye on your game, thanks to comprehensive statistics. At any time you can look at how much revenue your game is generating, how many users have registered, and how many interested gamers have visited your game’s home page.
How does a user find my game on the portal?
Development Area games are presented in a prominent position on our portal and are found through the ranking and search systems like all other games. We will also occasionally run promotions for your game as well, to draw traffic to it.
How do I handle payment problems?
When you have payment problems, your support employees should contact Gamewave Payment Support, where our team will be happy to assist with any request.
How and when do I get paid?
You will receive your percentage of the profit on a monthly basis; Gamewave will pay you for profit made in one month within 15 days of the 21st of the following month, as long as the sum of the payment is over a certain amount. This sum will be discussed in the agreement since it can vary from party to party. If the sum owed to you does not exceed this amount, it will be carried over to the following month. After 24 months, if it still does not exceed the amount discussed, the amount will be deleted. Please provide us with your bank account details so that we can transfer your money to you. We provide a special section in the Developers Area where you can do this.
How long does it take until my game is integrated?
A lot of this depends on you. What is your programming skill and the resources you can put into it. In the best case scenario, the technical integration should only take a day. Complete testing via the Quality Assurance team can take three days to a week.
What if my game is not good enough!
The Development Area is open to all the games. There is no requirement for content; only the legal requirements must be met. (See “What are the reasons Quality Assurance might not like my game?”) You must of course have the above mentioned programming knowledge to integrate API’s (See “How do I integrate my game at Gamewave?”)