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Mrs. Song Xiuyan Pays Her Visit


On April 10, 2012, member of Commission of Comprehensive Administration, Secretary of the Leading Party Group, Vice President, First Secretary of the Secretariat of All-China’s Women’s Federation (ACWF), Song Xiuyan, leaded the Social Management & Innovation Research Group of Central Committee to visit Gamewave Group and conducted an in-depth survey based on the subject of protection of People’s Livelihood and service management of new economic organizations and new social organizations, accompanied with the Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Ding Xiangyang, leaders form the Municipal Legal Committee, Social Work Committee, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Women's Federation and National Comprehensive Management Office, also the leaders of Shijingshan District, Rong Hua, Wang Wenguang, Fu Dapeng, Li Yan, Liu Yaquan, etc.

Mrs. Song, together with Deputy Mayor Ding Xiangyang, visited Gamewave’s open working environment and employee’s recreational space successively and made in-depth research on development conditions, core services and management mode, accompanied with Board Chairman & CEO Yu Hong and Senior Vice President Zhang Hai.

Mrs. Song Xiuyan Pays Her Visit
Song Xiuyan, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Ding Xiangyang, Deputy Mayor lead to visit

Concerning the Mobile Internet product --- “He & She”, which is operated based on LBS Application, Mrs. Song put forward some sincere suggestions in the aspects of transmitting main cultures and core applications. She encouraged the business department’s stuff to keep innovating and working hard to create more high-quality products.

Later, leaders including Mrs. Song and Deputy Mayor – Ding Xiangyang came to visit game testing center and tried to play the web game “Wu Sheng” which was featured by its rich Chinese traditional cultures about martial-arts, also discussed widely about the issues like indication prevention, good interaction and transaction mode, etc. An in-depth idea-exchanging on how to teach through lively activities, how to broadcast Chinese traditional cultures and how to create heroic cultural products was conducted with Board Chairman and CEO - Yu Hong.

Mrs. Song pointed out that large digital entertainment enterprises represented by Gamewave should try the best to find the way in which player can not only learn knowledge but cultivate their minds as well, and finally to broadcast Chinese traditional cultures through playing web games. Song hoped that Gamewave can make products oriented perfectly and provide abundant and high-qualified spiritual nutrition eventually.

Mrs. Song Xiuyan Pays Her Visit
Song Xiuyan, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Ding Xiangyang, Deputy Mayor, experience Gamewave’s interactive products

Besides, Mrs. Song and Deputy Mayor – Ding were also concerned about the living guarantee of the stuffs and the social responsibility of Gamewave. Questions about the management mode of Gamewave and working, living and healthy status were inquired several times in this visit.

Welfares, like room and board, physical examination, regular bus service, professional training, and activities, such as youth association, commonwealth association and so on, have gained unanimous approval and recognition from Mrs. Song and Mr. Ding. They also made a wish that with the high speed of development in scale, Gamewave should be responsible not only for the healthy and steady development of web game industry, but also for broadcasting the Chinese traditional cultures to contribute to China’s rising up in the world.

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