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Gamewave honored with Capital Labor Award


In the afternoon, April 25, 2012, a Commending Conference was held by the local government of Shijingshan District and General Labor Union of Beijing. Several awards, such as the Capital Labor Award and the title of Beijing’s Model Worker, were presented on this conference. And the most contributable enterprises like Beijing Electric Power Company, China’s Railway Construction Engineering Group were honored with Capital Labor Award, among which, Gamewave Group is the first cultural & creative enterprise honored with that award.

As the highest Governmental award in the field of General Unions, Capital Labor Award is conferred to the advanced collectives and individuals who make outstanding contributions to the construction of Beijing’s economy, politics, culture, society, conservation culture and the Party.

As the first cultural & creative enterprise that is honored with Capital Labor Award, Gamewave’s success is credited to the local economy, culture and social effect, also to Beijing Municipal Government’s recognition to the ability of independent innovation, cultural transmission, power of influence and potential of development.

 Gamewave honored with Capital Labor Award

By conducting the development strategy of national cultural & creative industry, governments at all levels increase greatly their support to the Game and Animation Industry. And web game industry, especially the rapidly emerging web game industry benefits a lot. Gamewave Group, as the leadership of the web game industry, is developing very fast with the support and concern provided by the local government of Shijingshan District.

Today’s Gamewave has become a cultural & creative enterprise star with thousands of creative and high-tech stuffs, has made great contribution to the local tax revenue, employment problem and industrial structure, and has been one of the main powers of national economy.

With the rapid development in scale, the role of the leadership has taken effects increasingly. At present, committed to global operation, Gamewave has built up more than 20 web game platforms worldwide. Almost one hundred of web games subjected to different nations and various players are operating now with the aim of broadcasting Chinese traditional cultures to the world. By conducting the incubation project and the industrial park plan for light games, Gamewave together with Shijingshan Government has built up China’s first web game industry alliance with the purpose of developing entrepreneurial teams and small medium enterprises and contributing to the construction and development of China’s digital entertainment industry.

Gamewave honored with Capital Labor Award

On behalf of Gamewave Group, Board Chairman & CEO – Yu Hong attended to receive the award. On the interview, Yu Hong claimed that the great success Gamewave had achieved now should be attributed to the concern and support from Beijing Municipal Government and Shijingshan Government. With feverish passionate, effective service and the overseas development strategy, Gamewave will always stick to the industrial mode of independent innovation so as to devote itself for the development of Beijing’s cultural & creative industry. He also appealed to the cultural & creative enterprises that had received great support from the government to participate into the social benefit and social construction to give more welfare back to the society.

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