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Liu Yandong Leads to Visit Gamewave


Member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and China’s State Councilor Liu Yandong, accompanied by Sun Chunlan – secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Su Shulin – governor of Fujian Province, Yu Jiwei – secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Liu Qingke – mayor of Xiamen, attended to visit Xiamen Gamewave Interactive (the southern headquarter) personally on the afternoon of 20th, October in 2011.

Accompanied by the founder and vice-president Zheng Shuqi, Liu Yandong leaded to visit operation center, product center, training room and products exhibition hall respectively. She gave highly praise of the innovative conception of Webgame operation and the contribution to broadcasting Chinese traditional culture, and encouraged us to spread the essence of Chinese culture widely and profoundly.

Liu Yandong Leads to Visit Gamewave

Mrs Liu made a sincere expectation to the development of Chinese Animation Game Industry. “Instead of working for others, we should create innovative products. Although the animation industry develops very fast, we still lack of innovative products, and it’s quite important and necessary for us to create some epochal and high-qualified products. At present, the number of animation products is fairly big, but the quality of which has been left far behind. On this part, we should rely heavily on the essence of Chinese culture and let the world know through the animation game”, she acclaimed.

Liu Yandong Leads to Visit Gamewave

Before leaving, Mrs Liu shook hands with Mr Zheng and said sincerely: “China develops rapidly and everyone wants to get attached with it. This is a golden opportunity for us, thus we should hold it and make great success.”

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